Excellent Treatments


Hair Removal

Dimei diode laser depilation hair removal solutions achieve maximum results for all areas of the body with safety, comfort and high patient satisfaction.

It can removal well on all different color skin. It can removal the bikini hair , leg, arm, face and all part of the body.


Body Contouring

Dimei’s body contouring machine provides a nearly painless, non-invasive, no downtime body contouring option that gives durable results.

It uses different technology such as cavitation, RF, cryolipolysis to help patient get a perfect body without any risk.


Skin Care

Dimei new technology hydra facial devices combined with 850KPa high pressure and 450m/s high speed injection to help the skin care products deeply into skin, allows cells to absorb the active ingredients for the skin.

It is a safe and reliable skin care products partner which can help skin care product’s absorption and reach its effect of skin whitening, skin mosturized, etc.