About Dimei 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Machine for all different skin color types including dark skin, Diode 808 Professional system uses the most modern ,effective and distinctive long pulse-width 808nm diode laser that can penetrate to hair follicle and disable hair growth permanently. Resulting in the unmatched light absorption by the melanin. The latter heats the hair shaft and hair follicle and disables the hair follicle and oxygen organization of the hair follicle. The advance cooling technology, (-5°C or 12°F) contact cooling and protects the skin resulting in a relatively painless and comfortable permanent hair removal experience.

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Guangzhou Dimei Beauty Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in Beauty and Medical Equipment with our own R&D department, Design& Production and sales & Services team, we sell our machines to all over the world. We are professional OEM & ODM supplier , 11 years production & 9 years export. Our product range from Laser & SHR OPT , Facial skin care and body slimming shaping Equipment ,etc.

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